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       Conferences & Workshops

  • "Juggling Preferences in a World of Uncertainty",
    Luis Garcia Paucar and Nelly Bencomo,
              RE@Next! track at the Requirment Conference RE'17, Portugal, 2017

  • "Tool support for Automatic Runtime Reappraisal of Weights",
    Luis Garcia Paucar and Nelly Bencomo,
              Poster and Demos Track at the Requirment Conference RE'17, Portugal, 2017

  • "A Survey on Preferences of Quality Attributes in the Decision-making for Self-Adaptive and Self-Managed Systems: the Bad, the Good and the Ugly",
    Luis Garcia Paucar and Nelly Bencomo,
              XX Ibero-American Conference on Software Engineering, Argentina, 2017



  • "Introduction to the Special Section on Best Papers from SEAMS 2014",
    Nelly Bencomo, Gregor Engels (Eds.)
    ACM Transactions on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems, Volume 10, Issue 4, February 2016 

  •        Conferences & Workshops

  • "RE-PREF: Support for REassessment of PREFerences of Non-functional Requirements for Better Decision-making in Self-adaptive System",
    Luis arcia Paucar and Nelly Bencomo,
    24th International Conference on Requirements Engineering 2016,  RE 2016. Posters and Demo Tools

  • "The Reassessment of Preferences of Non-Functional Requirements for Better Informed Decision-making in Self-Adaptation",
    Luis Garcia Paucar and Nelly Bencomo,
    Third International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Requirements Engineering (AIRE) at  RE 2016

  • "Runtime models based on dynamic decision networks: enhancing the decision-making in the domain of ambient assisted living applications",
    Luis Garcia Paucar and Nelly Bencomo,
    11th International Workshop on Models@run.time at  MODELS 2016

  •        Books Chapters

  • "Managing Trade-offs in Self-Adaptive Software Architectures: A Systematic Mapping Study",
    Maria Salama, Rami Bahsoon and Nelly Bencomo in
    Managing trade-offs in adaptable software architectures, Ivan Mistrík, Nour Ali, John Grundy, Rick Kazman and Bradley Schmerl (Eds.)
    Elsevier, Switzerland, 2016

  • "Perpetual Assurances for Self-Adaptive Systems",
    Danny Weyns, Nelly Bencomo, Radu Calinescu, Javier Camara, Carlo Ghezzi, Vincenzo Grassi, Lars Grunske, Paola Inverardi, Jean-Marc Jezequel, Sam Malek, Raffaela Mirandola, Marco Mori and Giordano Tamburrelli in
    Software Engineering for Self-Adaptive Systems 3 (SEfSAS Book 3), Rogério de Lemos, David Garlan, Carlo Ghezzi, Holger Giese (Eds.)
    Springer-Velarg, 2016

  • "State of the Art in Architectures for Self-Aware Computing Systems",
    Holger Giese, Thomas Vogel, Ada Diaconescu, Peter Lewis, Sebastian Gotz, Nelly Bencomo,
    Kurt Geihs, Samuel Kounev, Kirstie Bellman and Paola Inverardi 
    Self-Aware Computing Systems, Samuel Kounev, Xiaoyun Zhu, Jeffrey O. Kephart, andMarta Kwiatkowska (Eds.)
    Springer-Velarg, 2016 

  • 2015


  • "QuantUn: Quantification of Uncertainty for the Reassessment of Requirements",
    Nelly Bencomo,
    RE: Next! track at the 23rd International Requirements Engineering Conference RE'15 Ottawa, Canada, 24-28 Aug, 2015  publications/2015/RE_NEXT_QuantUn.pdf

  • "Minimize Nasty Surprises with Better Informed Decision-Making in Self-Adaptive Systems",
    Sara Hassan, Nelly Bencomo and Rami Bahsoon,
    10th International Symposium on Software Engineering for Adaptive and Self-Managing Systems SEAMS 2015, Fireze, Italy, May, 2015

  • "Dynamic Decision-Making based on NFR for ManagingSoftware Variability and Configuration Selection",
    André Almeida, Nelly Bencomo, Thais Batista, Everton Cavalcante, Francisco Dantas,
    30th ACM Symposium on Applied Computing  (SAC), Requirements Engineering Track (SAC-RE-Track'15), Salamanca, Spain, April, 2015

  • "Revisiting Goal-Oriented Models for Self-Aware Systems-of-Systems",
    Everton Cavalcante, Thais Batista, Nelly Bencomo, Pete Sawyer,
    12th IEEE International Conference on Autonomic Computing ICAC 2015, Grenoble, France, 7 - 10 July, 2015

  • "CloudMPL: A Domain Specific Language for Describing Management Policies for an Autonomic Cloud Infrastructure",
    Marwah M. Alansari, Andre Almeida, Nelly Bencomo and Behzad Bordbar,
    5th International Conference on Cloud Computing and Services Science CLOSER 2015, Lisbon, Portugal, May, 2015

  •        Workshops

  • "Two-B or not Two-B? Design Patterns for Hybrid Metaheuristics",
    Alina Patelli, Nelly Bencomo, Anikó Ekárt, Harry Goldingay, and Peter R. Lewis
    2nd Workshop on Metaheuristic Design Patterns MetaDeeP @ GECCO 2015, Spain,
    July, 2015

  •        Others

  • "Devising the Future of the Models@run.time Workshop",
    Sebastian Götz, Nelly Bencomo, Robert B. France
    ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes 40(1), January, 2015,  link

  • 2014

  • Editorial of the Book "Models@run.time: Foundations, Applications, and Roadmaps",
    Nelly Bencomo, Robert France, Betty H.C. Cheng and Uwe Assmann (Eds.)
    LNCS 8378, 2014, © Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2014       

  •         Journals

  • "Self-explanation in Adaptive Systems based on Runtime Goal-based Models",
    Nelly Bencomo, Kris welsh, Pete Sawyer, Jon Whittle
    Transactions on Computational Collective Intelligence, 2014 (accepted)

  •        Conferences

  • "A world full of surprises: Bayesian theory of surprise to quantify degrees of uncertainty", publications/2014/BencomoNIER2014.pdf
    Nelly Bencomo, Amel Belaggoun,
    36st International Conference on Software Engineering 2014,  ICSE 2014, Track on New Ideas and Emerging Results (NIER), India, 31 May - June 7 2014, Acceptance rate: 24%

  • "Self-adaptive Probabilistic Roadmap Generation for Intelligent Virtual Agents",
    Katrina Samperi, Nelly Bencomo and Peter R. Lewis
    Eighth IEEE Conference on Self-Adaptive and Self-Organizing Systems SASO 2014, London, UK in September 2014. (One of the best papers)

  •        Books Chapters

  • "Living with Uncertainty in the Age of Runtime Models",
    Holger Giese, Nelly Bencomo, Liliana Pasquale, Andres J. Ramirez, Paola Inverardi, Sebastian W¨atzoldt, and Siobh´an Clarke in
    Models@run.time: Foundations, Applications, and Roadmaps, Nelly Bencomo, Robert France, Betty H.C. Cheng and Uwe Assmann (Eds.)
    LNCS 8378, pp. 47-100, 2014, © Springer International Publishing Switzerland  publications/2014/LiivinWithUncertaintyInTheAgeOfModelsAtRuntime2014.pdf

  • 2013

  • "The Role of Models@run.time in Supporting On-the-fly Interoperability",
    Nelly Bencomo, Amel Bennaceur, Paul Grace, Gordon Blair, and Valerie Issarny
    Special Issue Models@runt.time, Springer Computing, 2013 rej2010_WhittleEtAl.pdf

  •        Conferences        Workshops
  • "S-Theory: a Unified Theory of Multi-Paradigm Software Development",
    Danny Hughes, Christophe Huygens, Brice Morin, Nelly Bencomo
    The 8th International Conference on Grid and Pervasive Computing GPC 2013, May 9-11, 2013, Seoul, Korea

  • 2012


  • "A View of the Landscape of Dynamic Software Product Lines",
    Nelly Bencomo, Svein Hallsteinsen, Eduardo Almeida
    Special Special Issue on Dynamic Software Product Lines (DSPL), IEEE Computing, October, 2012 rej2010_WhittleEtAl.pdf

  •        Conferences

  • "RELAXing Claims: Coping With Uncertainty While Evaluating Assumptions at Run Time",
    Andres Ramirez, Betty H.C. Cheng, Nelly Bencomo, Pete Sawyer
    ACM/IEEE 15th International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages & Systems MODELS 2012 MODELS 2012, Paris, Innsbruck, Austria, 30 September - 5 October 2012

  • "Self-explanation in Adaptive Systems Assumptions",
    Nelly Bencomo, Kris welsh, Pete Sawyer, Jon Whittle
    17th IEEE International Conference International Conference on Engineering of Complex Computer Systems ICECCS 2012, Paris, France, July 2012

  •        Book Chapters

  • Software Engineering for Self-Adaptive Systems: A Second Research Roadmap",
    , Rogerio de Lemos, Holger Giese, Hausi A. Muller, Mary Shaw, Jesper Andersson, Luciano Baresi, Basil Becker, Nelly Bencomo, Yuriy Brun, Bojan Cikic, Ron Desmarais, Schahram Dustdar, Gregor Engels, Kurt Geihs, Karl M. Goeschka, Alessandra Gorla, Vincenzo Grassi, Poala Inverardi, Gabor Karsai, Jeff Kramer, Marin Litoiu, Antonia Lopes, Jeff Magee, Sam Malek, Serge Mankovskii, Raffaela Mirandola, John Mylopoulos, Oscar Nierstrasz, Mauro Pezze Christian Prehofer, Wilhelm Schafer, Wilhelm Schlichting, Bradley Schmerl, Dennis B. Smith, Joao P. Sousa, Gabriel Tamura, Ladan Tahvildari, Norha M. Villegas, Thomas Vogel, Danny Weyns, Kenny Wong and Jochen Wuttke,
    Chapter in Book on Software Engineering for Self-Adaptive Systems (SEfSAS Book 2), Springer-Velarg, 2012 publications/2012/secondRoadmapSefSAS.pdf

  • "Software Engineering Processes for Self-adaptive Systems",
    Jesper Andersson, Luciano Baresi, Nelly Bencomo, Rogerio de Lemos, Alessandra Gorla, Paola Inverardi and Thomas Vogel,
    Chapter in Book on Software Engineering for Self-Adaptive Systems (SEfSAS Book 2), Springer-Velarg, 2012

  •        Workshops

  • "Market-awareness in Service-based Systems",
    Romina Torres, Nelly Bencomo, Hernan Astudillo
    Awareness 2nd Workshop on Challenges for Achieving Self-Awareness in Autonomic Systems @ SASO 2012, 10 September 2012, Lyon, France Market_awareness_in_service_based_systems.pdf

  • "Satisfying Requirements for Pervasive Service Compositions",
    Luca Cavallaro, Pete Sawyer, Daniel Sykes, Nelly Bencomo, Valérie Issarny
    Workshop Models@run.time  2012, at the ACM/IEEE 15th International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages & Systems MODELS 2012,Innsbruck, Austria, 30th September - October 5th 2012

  • "Mitigating the obsolescence of quality specifications models in service-based systems",
    Romina Torres, Nelly Bencomo, Hernan Astudillo
    Workshop MoDRE 2012, Model-driven Requirements Engineering Workshop at EEE 20th International Requirements Engineering Conference 2012, Chicago, USA, 24th September 2012

  • "How the Web of Things Challenges Requirements Engineering",
    Pete Sawyer, Animesh Pathak, Nelly Bencomo, Valerie Issarny
    Workshop WeRE 2012, 3rd Workshop on The Web and Requirements Engineering at 12th International Conference on Web Engineering ICWE 2012, Berlin Germany, 27th July 2012

  •        Demos/Posters

  • "Run-Time Model Evaluation for Requirements Model-Driven Self-Adaptation",
    Kris Welsh, Nelly Bencomo
    IEEE 20th International Requirements Engineering Conference 2012, Posters and Demos Track, RE 2012, Chicago, USA, September 2012

  • 2011

  • ""Requirements for Self-adaptation",
    Nelly Bencomo
    In Generative and Transformational Techniques in Software Engineering - International Summer School, GTTSE 2011, Revised Papers,
    edited by Ralf Lammel, Joao Saraiva, and Joost Visse, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer, 2011

  • "Towards Requirements Aware Systems: Run-time Resolution of Design-time Assumptions",
    Kristopher Welsh, Pete sawyer, Nelly Bencomo
    26th IEEE/ACM International Conference On Automated Software Engineering, ASE 2011, Kansas, USA, November 6 - 10, 2011

  • "Run-time Resolution of Uncertainty",
    Kristopher Welsh, Pete sawyer, Nelly Bencomo
    International Requirements Engineering Conference,, RE 2011, Tool Demostration Track, Trento, Italy, 29th August 2nd September 2011, rej2010_WhittleEtAl.pdf

  • "Dynamic variability in adaptive systems",
    Ruzanna Chitchyan, Brice Morin, Franck Fleurey, Nelly Bencomo, Arnor Solberg and Thomas Genssler
    Book Chapter in Book Aspect-Oriented, Model-Driven Software Product Lines The AMPLE Way, Cambridge University Press,  October, 2011 

  • "Tracing Requirements for Adaptive Systems using Claims,
    Nelly Bencomo, Kristopher Welsh, Pete Sawyer
    6th International Workshop on Traceability in Emerging Forms of Software Engineering, TEFSE'11, at ICSE 2011 Hawaii, USA, 23 May 2011 rej2010_WhittleEtAl.pdf

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